Defend Charlotte!

Today is the day! All antifascists out to Marshall Park at 4pm!  Queen City Maoist Collective is re-posting a call to action made by a local group of comrades called Antifascists Charlotte. We encourage anyone in the area to come out and defend Charlotte. Though we are not sure if the fascists will show or not, […]

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Our first understanding of criticism self criticism (CSC) was as a tool for internal sharpening within a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist (which today is principally Maoist) cadre organization. Some of our members are also members of a local mass organization. A couple months into the development of this newer mass organization, CSC was brought into the org. The […]


Opportunism vs. Maoism: St. Louis as a Lesson for the US Maoist Movement

Queen City Maoist Collective is hosting this public criticism of the St. Louis Revolutionary Collective. We hope this document will serve to shine light on the many errors of the “Maoists” in STL. Revolutionaries MLMs in STL we encourage you to link up with the genuine Maoist movement and build for revolution. Opportunism vs. Maoism: […]

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